The project arises from a personal study of the brain, memory, thoughts and consciousness, from there an exploration is carried out where brain wave data is taken by an Electroencephalogram (EEG) Sensor, recording the neuronal activity of the cerebral cortex in the FP1 area (Frontal Pole) at the frequency Delta: 1Hz - 4Hz, Theta: 4Hz - 8Hz, Alpha: 8Hz - 12Hz, Beta-Low: 12Hz - 20Hz, Beta-High: 20Hz - 30Hz, Gamma: 30Hz - 50Hz [7], corresponding to concentration and reflection. This information is transmitted in real time, via Bluetooth, to a program that reads the information and displays it in different graphs where the color, dimension and shapes change according to the artist's memories, which are represented in sculptures printed on 3d.

Each shocking event, learning, memory or emotion that is impossible to forget leaves a physical mark on the brain, this mark is neural circuits that are formed throughout life, creating brain traces that each of our experiences leave us, those brain marks are called Engram. Therefore, these neural circuits correspond to the connections that help store memory; however, they trigger a series of thoughts, emotions, movements or activation of physiological mechanisms, which is reflected in the repetition of certain previously learned behaviors or reactions. facing certain situations experienced.

Engrams make up our consciousness and reflect our unconscious behavior towards everything we are, reacting and expressing themselves automatically towards each experience, thought or feeling, where the neural circuits are modified or structured according to perception, attitude and action that we have in each experience.