Bogotá, 1987.
Lives in Bogotá, Colombia.

Industrial Designer graduate from Andes University, Bogotá - Colombia, with complementary studies in Systems Engineering (academic option in visual computing) and in Art (academic option in art history). With a Master's degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from Andes University, the Master focused on the area of visual computing, visual analytics and interaction.

Work experience focused on development, management and production of projects with interactive technologies. In the area of art the focus is on digital art and interactive installations.

He currently works as a teacher at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogotá-Colombia, whose professional vision focuses on teaching, developing, management and researching interactive technologies for the development of projects with innovation, like interaction (HCI), virtual reality, data visualization, big data topics and interactive artistic projects, considering the union between science, art and technology for their development.

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