A transgressive exploration in dance and mixed reality, "Sacádica" stands as a challenge conventional perceptions, questioning the primacy of the visual sense in our technologically saturated environment. This work immerses the audience and the performers in a choreographic dialogue with digital visual elements, revealing the tension between the organic and the artificial, between the body and its reflection in a digital mirror.

The work takes place in a futuristic Bogotá immersed in a techno-thriller narrative, it is presented as a scenario where advanced technology and ethical dilemmas intertwine with life everyday life, creating a backdrop that is both vibrant and disturbing. An exciting plot that explores the depths of the human condition in an era dominated by ocularcentrism, digital surveillance, media manipulation, where the protagonists are the object of an experiment observational, exposed through stimuli that evoke desire, pain, and addiction. The images that flood your senses come from a reservoir of memories, dreams, and alternate realities, provoking a reflection on the organic connection of the human being with his environment and technology.