The project arises from the compilation of fragments of literary works that have given meaning to the artist's political and personal ideas, where these are transformed and reflected in paintings and works in digital and 3D printing, which are complemented with augmented reality in a way that allows highlight literary fragments when the work is scanned.

The title of this series of works, "Superfluous", wants to show the intersection between the depth of literature and visual expression, revealing how even seemingly superfluous elements can have profound meaning and relevance in the fabric of our lives. By bringing together literary fragments that have resonated with the artist, we seek to highlight the richness and complexity of the human experience, as well as art's ability to reinterpret and give new life to these ideas.

Ultimately, "Superfluo" seeks to challenge conventional perceptions about what is essential and what is superfluous, inviting the viewer to reflect on the interconnection between literature, art and augmented reality in the digital age.

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