This project proposes an immersion in the world of artificial intelligence, focusing on dialogues between two AI systems. These dialogues will address deep and fundamental themes related to literature, philosophy, technology and society.

The interaction between artificial intelligences allows us to perceive the perspectives generated by machines on essential issues in the development of humanity. It will explore how AIs interpret and discuss literary works, how they understand human existence from a non-biological perspective, and how they address philosophical questions related to morality, ethics, and purpose. Additionally, the role of technology in society will be examined. , highlighting how AIs perceive their impact on daily life, equality and fraternity between individuals, as well as their relationship with nature and sustainability.

This project allows us to analyze the ability of AIs to reflect through the dialogue they generate among themselves, generating as a result of the work a text file detailing the conversation regarding each of the exposed topics. The text file was printed on copper circuit board through a handmade process in an analogous manner; This material is the same material used by the electronic circuits and components of a computer, tablet or cell phone.

In this project, we seek to identify the understanding that artificial intelligence has on the fundamental aspects of human existence and society, allowing us to see in a deeper way the intersection that the use of artificial intelligence has according to the data model on the which is trained.