The guaquería is an activity that has been carried out since 1800 and consists of excavating the earth in order to loot Guacas "treasures and indigenous tombs" buried since pre-Columbian times.

The guaquería can be seen as a syncretism close to Western culture and the culture of several indigenous communities; This becomes evident in the use of various dowsing tools combined with geo-referencing technologies. For example, pendulums are used, where the tip of the pendulum is a container where cut bills, tobacco and other elements (valuable items and “prayer”) are placed, which allow connecting with energies or entities to detect hidden objects. To use a pendulum, you hold the pendulum over the object of interest, and it gives voice to the entities lying in the burial. The answer is given by the direction of the pendulum swing. In this way you can have a conversation with the dead, with yes/no questions and answers.

Following the same analogy, Pendulum project is developed, where the entity that answers the user's questions is Artificial Intelligence, which causes the pendulum to move horizontally in the face of a negative answer, vertically in the face of a positive answer and generates a conical movement if it is another type of response, following the same patterns as in the traditional Guaquería.